The importance of nutrition

Capturing etheric particles from food

Prosveta nutrition

'The whole world has understood that food is essential. So why not take this moment of taking this food to add a prayer, a thought of gratitude and love? No one can say they don't have time: don't we eat three times a day? It is in these times that Heaven gives you the best conditions to do spiritual work.

The state in which we take the first bite is extremely important. We must therefore prepare to do it in the best possible way, because it is this first bite that internally triggers all the wheels. If you start in a harmonious state, everything else will be done in harmony.
It is also very important to chew well. Because it promotes digestion, of course, but also for another very important reason: it is that the mouth, which is the first to receive food, is the essential laboratory because it is the most spiritual.
The mouth plays on another level the role of a real stomach; it absorbs the etheric particles of food, the finest and most powerful energies, and these are the coarse materials that are then sent to the stomach. The mouth contains extremely sophisticated apparatuses, glands located on the tongue and under the tongue, which are charged with the special work of picking up the etheric particles of food...

When you have finished your meal, you must not get up right away to start work and discussions. But it's also not good to go and spend an hour or two in a chair or a lounge chair. When you have finished eating, stay still for a while by doing a few deep breaths so that the prana allows a better distribution of energies in the body. You will feel extremely willing to take on all kinds of work.'

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