The light brings all the blessings

Light gives access to the spiritual world

Prosveta light

'Light is such a subtle matter that it cannot be weighed or even touched, but it is this which gives access to the spiritual world.
That is why we must seek light, to think every day of introducing it into us as a pure, radiant quintessence.

So here are some exercises you can do.

Every day, several times a day, think to focus on the light, to rest in the light, to blend in with the light, to imbue yourself with it, to imagine that the entire universe is bathed in this light. You will feel little by little that everything is reestablished in you, that this light brings you the true science, the true peace, the balance, power.

Outside of light you will never find the meaning of life. So you have to look for it, focus on it, drink it, eat it, place it above all the treasures of the earth.
As soon as you have a free moment, close your eyes and focus on this image of the all-pervading light that brings all blessings.

When you are walking down the street, it may happen that negative thoughts or feelings assail you.Obviously, there, you cannot stop and close your eyes but nothing prevents you then to stay a moment in front of a window as if to look at it (obviously, not a window where other people can see you on the other side. ) and there you concentrate for a few seconds trying to introduce the light into you. When you leave, you feel lightened, purified.

If you feel pain in your body call for the light, imagine that rays of all colors are coming out from your fingers, and direct them on the painful place: after a while you will notice an improvement.

Finally, if you want to help someone who is in trouble, send them in thought some rays of light, penetrate it with those rays.'

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