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Vision on the medicine of the future

The medicine

"The medicine (detail)" - Gustave Klimt (1901)
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'What will medicine be like in the future? Well, in the first place, people will understand more and more clearly that each human being already possesses the elements he or she needs to resist disease. Yes, there are cases of people who were considered terminally ill by their doctors and who have managed to cure themselves. How? Through willpower and thought. Of course, not everyone can do this; you have to have developed certain faculties, but it is possible. It is the invisible dimension that has command over the visible, the subtle world that has command over the physical, the spirit that has command over matter.
Instead of pursuing more and more daring experiments in chemical and surgical techniques, research should take other directions: the physical environment of the sick, for instance, should be very different. They should be surrounded by colours and sounds that would help to awaken their dormant powers. Human beings have the innate capacity to neutralize anything that could harm them, but they have not got the knowledge or willpower they need to put this capacity to work; in other words, it is the spiritual dimension that is deficient. Nothing is missing on the material, physical level: there have never been so many hospitals, clinics and pharmacies! None of that existed in the past. It is amazing to see the resources that exist nowadays, and yet in spite of it all there are more and more sick people.
The medicine of the future will teach human beings to find the curative elements they need on the etheric plane. Yes, all the chemical elements we now buy at the chemist’s shop in the form of medicines exist in the etheric state, in the atmosphere. This is where humans will learn to find them, and they will breathe them in and take as much as they need without danger. In the future, they will take less and less of all those drugs that end up poisoning them: they will get the curative elements they need from the sun, the air, the sea, trees and mountains, as well as from colours, music, words and movements, thoughts and feelings. The potential efficacy of all these things has still not really been studied. '
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