Bible and Gospels in the Light of the Initiatic Science

The universe that God created is the true Bible

Bible and Gospels in the Light

'The knowledge contained in the sacred texts has its origin on high, in the zodiac, in the stars, in all the kingdoms of nature and also in the human being.'

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov interprets all these familiar tales, whether real or symbolic, told by the Gospels and the Bible. He strips them of their restrictive, purely anecdotal character, and reveals their underlying, psychological and spiritual realities.

Suddenly it becomes clear that they are always relevant to our own inner lives, where the forces of materialism and spirituality confront and come to terms with each other.

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Humans have inside them a seed

Extract from an improvised lecture: What significance is there in 'God created humankind in his image'

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