Meditate to slow down the rush of time

Bring some order to yourself

Prosveta meditation

'Life is just an uninterrupted flow, but you have to find a way to stop and put some order in yourself, to tune in to more harmonious rhythms. And this is why meditation is so necessary.

To meditate is to slow down the precipitous march of time in order to introduce in oneself a rhythm, a peace, a light that will leave their mark for a long time to come.

But as soon as they approach the spiritual life, the majority of people come up against the problem of meditation: they do not know how to concentrate. Why ? Because they have not learned to choose the subjects of meditation, they launch out blindly, without method. So let this be clear to you. The first rule is obviously to choose a subject of a spiritual nature; and the second, that this subject is close to your heart. It is the love that you have for a being or an object that attaches you to him. When you don't like, you are, so to speak, like a postage stamp devoid of glue: you don't adhere!

The mistake of beginners is that they immediately want to concentrate on the most abstract philosophical and mystical questions: truth, eternity, infinity, the Absolute, the Supreme Being. It is a mistake.

Start by concentrating, for example, on a pure, beautiful image that you like, an image of nature or of art. Your brain will thus get used to concentrating, and gradually you can meditate on subjects farther from you. To have results in the spiritual life, it is necessary to know how to use the formidable force of love.'

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