Music, a powerful aid

Music facilitates mental work

Prosveta music

'Music is not just a succession of pleasant sounds; music is forces, vibrations. With it, we enter, in a way, into the world of magic: we can use the power of these sound vibrations not only to project ourselves into space, but also to create.

Music facilitates mental work: instead of letting thought drift away, you must, on the contrary, be aware and mobilize it in order to achieve something beautiful and great in yourself and in the world.

You say you have difficulty meditating… Here is a method: focus on a bright, uplifting image, and the music will lift you high up, to a world of light and beauty. You will feel it as a force that carries you away. Learn to use the power of sound.

Music is therefore a very powerful aid for achievement. So, whenever you listen to music, throw yourself at what you desire most for your growth. If it is health, imagine yourself as a well being: whatever you do, whether you walk, or talk, or eat, you are radiantly healthy which is irresistibly communicated to others.If it's the light, the intelligence that you lack, if you are constantly blundering or giddy, use the music to imagine that you are learning, that you understand, that light, wisdom is entering you and even that you propagate it and give it to others. If you want to acquire beauty, strength, will or stability, do the same…

Do this work for each area where you feel there is has a gap within you, and one day you will feel that, thanks to the music, you have produced great transformations in yourself.'

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