Prepare for sleep

The work of the subconscious is done during sleep

Prosveta sleep

'The day you just had determines the night you spend, but how you prepare for sleep will also determine the next day.

Every night before bed, collect yourself for a moment by putting aside everything that has preoccupied or troubled you during the day. Then think about the mistakes you may have made, so that the luminous spirits inspire you during your sleep the best way to repair them.
Finally, when you fall asleep, abandon yourself fearlessly to the Angel of Death . The Angel of Death is the name that Kabbalah gives to the Angel of sleep, because each evening we die and each morning we are resurrected.

Suppose you have lived quite badly all day, but before giving in to sleep you manage, through prayers and effort of thought, to fall asleep peacefully: these last moments cleanse everything in you, they purify you so well that the next day you wake up in the best dispositions. Even if you have not lived a perfect existence during the day, it is still very important before you fall asleep that you come to calm yourself and to bind yourself to Heaven. Pay close attention to this because, I cannot repeat it enough, it is at night, during sleep, that psychic forces do a deep work in the subconscious.

When you have problems, questions that worry you, you can try to solve them also during sleep, by even writing them on a sheet of paper that you place under your pillow. Of course, an angel will not come during the night to present himself to you to give you detailed explanations like a human being might, but you will certainly have an answer in the form of a sensation, of a thought which, upon awakening, will cross your mind.

It must be understood that these exercises that I gives you correspond to a knowledge of the human psyche and its functioning. The fact of falling asleep with a very specific preoccupation triggers certain psychic mechanisms in the subconscious, and there are many researchers who admit having found the solution of problems which preoccupied them during their sleep.

The subconscious work which is done during sleep can always be used by everyone to carry out their projects, their ideas. Do you want to fulfill a desire, correct a defect, acquire a quality? Meditate for a long time and then fall asleep with this desire present, this question: they will continue to work while you sleep.'

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