Synoptic Table: the Will

'The will has for ideal the movement, it needs to move forward, to act on things, the situations, the beings. To maintain its activity, it needs food, and this food is strength. The money with which it buys this strength is the gesture that can tear immobility, inertia and activate energy. The breathing exercises, the gymnastics and the paneurhythmy dances we practice, all of which are designed to strengthen the will. The very first movement is breath. The first act of a newborn baby is to breathe, and this breath triggers all the other functions. Naturally, you can add to these any number of other activities that are part of your daily lives. I only mention here the methods which concern more particularly the spiritual life.'





Domination, power, movement


Gesture, breath

Breathing, gymnastics, dance, Paneurythmy

Bringing Symbols to Life - The gymnastic exercises

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