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Excerpts from video conferences of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov are widely distributed on the Internet.
Here are some of them, regularly updated, with reading or listening references on the same subject.

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How we can always be children

Whatever your age, and the knowledge, the experience you have acquired, you must find your child's heart, simple, spontaneous, open.

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Music helps humans to harmonise themselves

The whole universe sings, life is nothing but a song, a harmony; vibration is music.

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How the stars teach us about peace

There is a wonderful exercise for finding peace: focusing on space, infinity, eternity while looking at the stars.

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Change the earth's psychic atmosphere

Like the atmosphere, human beings are also made up of several layers, or levels, on the psychic plane.

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How to understand death

Death is only a true liberation for those who, during their stay on earth, have been able to do interior work ...

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Vibration, Emanation, Radiation

Working at The Three Levels brings Perfection.

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The Harmony

We must get into the habit of drawing conclusions from what happens to us each day in order to re-establish harmony.

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Meditation is learning how to remain linked to the divine world

To meditate is first and foremost to concentrate on a spiritual subject with the aim of linking to a higher world.

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Love and the sublimation of the sexual force

When a young boy and a young girl fell mutual attraction, what prevents them from mastering it?

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