Alphabetical index

Land of our soul , the

Land of the living

Language of initiates

Last sacraments, the

Law of accelerated motion

Law of cause and effect

Law of correspondences

Law of the earth and law of the sun

Laws governing the three categories of human beings

Level of consciousness


Life always presents us with different problems to solve

Life as a couple

Life, material and spiritual


Light is the mightiest force in the universe

Likes and dislikes have a physical origin and are not at all spiritual

Limitation and expansion

Lineage, our divine

Link with heaven, the

Linking ourselves to divine source to attract workers from heaven

Living books

Living chain of beings, the

Living chain of created beings


Love between a man and a woman

Love for god is echoed back to us

Love god so as to love humans better

Love is a force that acts on you and gives you immense possibilities

Love is only lasting if human beings link each other to the divine source

Love is symbolized by the fertile valleys, and intelligence, by the peaks

Love potion

Love without expecting to be loved back

Love without waiting to be loved and you will be free

Love –is nourished by the mysterious

Lower nature turns us into slaves