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a combustion; knowing how to conserve one’s energies

a constantly corrected imbalance

a series of combustions of which we must clear away the residues

a source within us that we must protect

always stronger than death

an uninterrupted series of deaths and resurrections

ask yourself what sort of Life you are living

becoming aware of its worth

by meditating on it we become aware of the presence of God

continually renewed in us ensures others continue to love us

dedicate it in order to truly live it

do not waste it to gain advantages of less import­ance

dying to the lower life in order to live the higher life

each person sees it according to who they are

everyone expresses an opinion about it according to the level they have reached

everywhere in the universe; the same succession of phases

food for all creatures

gift from God which must be made to bear fruit

how to make it full and rich

is constantly renewing itself

is in fact an alternation of life and death

is sustained within us by the entities that populate the universe

is true gold

is what we have in common with God and all creatures

is what we must work on first

it is by means of the spirit that life will be truly transformed

its forms and manifestations are limitless

living it intensely; never accept inertia

must be always new, like the sun

not to be considered as a means, but as a goal

nourishment we give and receive

offers us its most precious gifts through the simplest acts

only belongs to God, for he is life

periodically take stock

preserving it, as it is the source of all our riches

preserving it, as it is the source of all our riches

protecting it by knowing how to control our desires

receive it in order to pass it on

renewing it within ourselves in order to always be appreciated

respect and protect it in all creatures

result of the exchanges we make with nature

sensing that it is always new

strive not to waste it

taking stock

the link between beings and things in the cosmic structure

the only true master

we must respect and protect it in all creatures

which one are we living? A question we should ask ourselves

win its support


a bond that frees us, and a weight that lightens our load

a living, conscious, active spirit

a principle we must place at the centre of our life

a sensation that indicates the quality of our inner states

alone gives real power and knowledge

alone gives real power and knowledge

always give it first place

always invoke it before taking action

as protection

attracting it to oneself to project it into the world

because of it we are appreciated

concentrating on it to make contact with God

food for our brain

frightens only those who refuse to improve themselves

it is with Light that we build our inner being

living spirit, conscious and active

maintain consciousness in the realms of Light

making it our daily food

nourishing ourselves with it daily

only frightens those who are not trying to improve

our most effective help

seek it out before acting

seek it out before throwing yourself into endeavours

sole aspiration of sages and initiates

spiritual gold

spiritual gold

springs to mind when we meet a true sage

the elixir of eternal life

the most effective weapon against evil

the most powerful means of connecting with the divine world

the only means of attracting love

the only means we are allowed to use to attract love

the only salvation at the time of death

the only weapon we should use

the power we have to identify with it

the substance of creation

there is no power equal to it

those who seek it sincerely will find it

those who seek it will always be saved

those who work for the light awaken the forces of darkness

understanding it and loving it are not enough

we can amplify it by taking part in its work

weapon against evil entities

what creation is made of

when we seek it sincerely we meet those who will lead us to it

when we truly possess it, others will ask us to enlighten them

which humans need more than gold

work with the Light is that which gives the most results

you cannot find it if you are dispersed


a circle we must continually widen

a circle we must continually widen

a current that circulates

a current that must flow

a higher state of consciousness

a language that all of nature can understand

a nectar and ambrosia, filling space

a quality of divine life

a state of consciousness

a state of consciousness

a war with light as the weapon

abolishes distances

an energy circulating everywhere in the universe

an energy that comes down from heaven and must return to heaven

an energy that must be directed towards the good of all

an energy which circulates everywhere in the universe

an energy whichc omes from heaven and must return

as a higher state of consciousness

awakens and feeds all the divine seeds in us

beyond justice

brings down our protective shell

by making us light, we become closer to heaven

can be experienced at different levels of consciousness

collective work of a multitude of interconnected souls

collective work of a multitude of souls

collective work of a multi­tude of interconnected souls

conditions which enable it to last

conditions which make it permanent

creates our future

creates our future

criterion for determining how authentic it is

danger of wanting to obtain it at any price

devote it to heaven, otherwise hell will come

disinterestedness is the criterion for how authentic it is

do not cut it off from universal life

energy that comes from on high and which must return there

example of the bee and butterfly

exchanges between souls and spirits

gives knowledge and power

gives the gift of ubiquity

gives us the best conditions for solving problems

happy encounters we need to know how to protect

how to prepare oneself to taste it

how to preserve its poetry

how to protect it so that it endures

in all Love we are seeking the love of God

is found only when we are not looking for it

is lasting if you know how to love from afar

is nourished by the mysterious

is spread throughout the universe

is the true sacrament of marriage

it is better not to speak of it to the one you love

it makes us light and brings us closer to heaven

its goal: to beautify the life in oneself and in others

its source is within us

kept alive by distance

link yourself to the source of divine love

living exclusively on the love expressed by a look

living with it

maintaining the poetic nature of its beginnings

makes laws unnecessary

makes us see beings and things as if for the first time

makes us see everything as if for the first time

makes us see things and beings as if for the first time

must be lived in joy and light

must become the true currency of exchange

must contribute to the blossoming of creatures

must embrace all creatures

must involve the whole being

never expect it; just love

no longer taking, but giving

of God protects us from evil

only lasts if you view the other person at a slight distance

opens a spring within us

opens the eyes of the soul

ours must embrace all creatures

permanent state of con­sciousness

precautions to take to preserve it

project your best feelings on the one you love

protect it by keeping your distance

protect it by keeping your distance

protect it by living it in the subtle regions

renewing ourselves so that it endures

resolve your problems by manifesting love and kindness

save it by devoting it to God

seeking the place where its sun never sets

source of life

stronger than death

stronger than death

superior to justice

taking and receiving fire

tasting the beings on the Tree of Life

that embraces all creatures

that others have for us is a spring we have to protect

that we give each other enriches us

the intellect should have just as much to say as the heart

the search for our complementary opposite

the sun wages war with love and gives life to the entire universe

the transformations it produces on our thoughts and behaviour

the transformations it produces within us

to attract it we must be alive

to find it, we must not search for it

to preserve it you have to seek it at its source

to preserve it, do not rely on outer conditions

true currency

true intelligence that drives out fear

true Love demands nothing

true Love, is universal love

two opposite images; a wood stove and the sun

unlike wisdom, advises not to protect ourselves from others

water of life

we have for someone is not enough to save them

whatever form it takes, God is present

which brings plenitude

without expecting anything

without wanting to possess