Alphabetical index

Ideal of perfection, the

Identification or fusion

Identification with god

Identify with light and love so as not to lose them

Images (protective)

Immensity of god

Impose yourself

Imprint that god has left in us, the

Improve yourself in order to improve the quality of your seeds

Improving a situation by rising up to the world of the spirit

Improving your future by preparing to become the master of your destiny

Incense, burning

Independence –we are always influenced

Inertia of the mind and heart

Inferior animals, the

Ingratitude of humans, the

Initiates return to earth to give concrete expression to their discoveries

Initiates wish to be absorbed and transformed by the lord

Initiatic knowledge helps you to deal with the trials of life

Initiatic knowledge is etched into us for all eternity

Initiatic school allows us to rediscover universal knowledge

Initiatic teaching

Initiation, the path of

Inner doors and windows

Inner life and chemistry

Inner world, our –organizing it so as to find fulfilment

Instinct to dominate

Intellect, heart, will

Interest (our personal)

Internal rhythm