Alphabetical index

Caduceus of hermes, the

Care and wisdom solve many problems

Causal body

Ceiling, walls and floor

Cells in the human body – homes to small souls that we must bring to life

Changes in the world must come from human beings’ desire for them

Chaos to harmony, from

Chew both your food and air at length

Child and the old person, the

Circle with a point, the

Circle with the central point

Clothes and jewellery

Clouds, our inner

Collectivity (cosmic)

Comparing oneself to superior beings

Concentrate on all that is luminous

Concentrating our forces will bring us salvation

Condemning the guilty

Consciousness and subconscious

Consecrating an object

Consecration, the


Constellations of the zodiac

Correct attitude, the

Courts of law

Creation (spiritual and artistic)

Creation, artistic and spiritual

Creations, inner

Creatures, living chain of

Cremation or burial

Criteria to recognize whether it is really the master who speaks to you inwardly

Criticizing others

Crumbs and impurities attract insects and bugs