Alphabetical index

Pain, physical

Palm tree, the

Parable of the five wise virgins and the five foolish virgins

Parable of the prodigal son

Parable of the wheat and the rye grass;

Parsifal contemplated the holy grail

Past, present, future: study of the hands, face and skull

Patience, god’s

Patience, self-awareness and humility

Patterns of the new life

People with responsibilities must raise themselves up to a higher viewpoint

Physical and spiritual planes

Power of the word, the

Praise and criticism

Prayers, meditation and singing produce a light that can help humanity

Praying before meals

Preparation in the spiritual realm takes time

Present (being)

Pride in having accomplished our duty

Pride makes human beings poor; humility brings them wealth

Princess held captive by a dragon, a

Principle of life, the

Principles (the two masculine and feminine)

Prison and the death sentence

Problems (new)

Progress, in order to

Progressing continually

Protecting oneself from negative influences and currents

Protecting ourselves from the energy currents passing through the atmosphere

Psychic disorders are caused by dark entities to which human beings have opened the door

Psychic emanations

Psychic matter, our – we must never stop subjecting it to the power of the spirit

Psychology and child education

Punishment, no

Punishments, heavenly

Pure love is like a fountain of life

Purification is the work of a lifetime

Purify and cleanse yourself in order to let the divine light shine through

Purity and holiness

Purity of our blood, thoughts and feelings

Putting one’s house in order

Putting yourself in the situation of others