Alphabetical index

Bad behaviour of others, the

Bad thoughts and feelings

Balance (inner)

Balance the two pans of your inner scales

Beginning well

Beginnings and endings

Benefactors of humanity

Binah, chokmah, kether

Birth of jesus in a cave, the

Birth of the christ-child

Blessing, giving thanks, dedicating

Blessings of heaven

Bodies, causal, buddhic and atmic

Bodies, from the physical to the atmic

Body physical, the –purifying it so that the soul may record the sublime truths

Body –physical symmetry and psychic polarization

Book, the– that everyone is writing: themselves

Breaking the law

Breathing exercises

Breath – the beginning and the end of life

Brotherhood, universal

Building your house on a rock

Bureau of weights and measures

Burning incense

By giving, we become richer