Alphabetical index

Table (at the) of the soul and spirit

Talents cannot save the world

Talismans and pentacles

Talking about others

Teaching (a spiritual)

Teaching of christ, the

Teaching of the creative spirit, the

Teaching of the universal white brotherhood

Teaching of the universal white brotherhood, the

Thank the lord in order to take in the light

The actions of a truly spiritual person are directed towards a single goal

The desire to become a conductor of light must come from the person himself

The divine spark, which we must see in people beyond their appearance

The freedom of god infuses those who want to serve him

The heart and the intellect

The image of god in man prevents people from losing themselves

The life of the soul and the spirit that we must rediscover

The lord does not need to be defended

The lord does not punish us, he is all love

The lord organizes and harmonizes everything within us

The master advises his disciples according to their needs

The number 13 does not like impurities, and fights against them

The silence during our meditations lets us seek fusion with cosmic light

The stars predispose but do not determine

Thinkers and artists

Third lodge, the

Thought and feeling

Thoughts and feelings (negative)

Thoughts and feelings influence those who are prepared to pick up on

Thoughts and feelings, the

Thoughts, feelings and actions

Tiredness (psychological)

To evolve we must compare ourselves to the wisest beings

To know, to will, to dare, to keep silent

To know, will, dare and keep silent

Tolerating others

Traces of the initiates on earth

Tree of the knowledge of good and evil

Trials and difficulties

Trials of initiation take place in everyday life, the

Troubles – flee from the entities chasing us

True beauty is a life that springs forth, that emanates

True clairvoyance is found in our heart

True love makes you more beautiful, enlightens you and makes you happy

True reality is what we feel and experience

True weapons

True freedom – can be found only in god

Trust awakens the best in people

Truth about beings and things

Truth and nakedness

Truth can only be grasped by the spirit

Two, the number

Tying and untying