Alphabetical index

Magic is based on the gestures of everyday life

Masculine principle

Master and disciples

Masterpieces of art

Material and ephemeral things

Material and spiritual

Material possessions and activities

Measure in all things

Meditate to commune with God

Meditation allows us to gather and store up spiritual energy

Memories to be cultivated

Memory of our incarnations

Messages from heaven

Metamorphosis (of the caterpillar)

Methods of light

Minute at a time, a

Moment you wake up in the morning, the –its importance

Moments of spiritual intensity

Monument of light and love

Moon, waxing and waning

Moral qualities are what matter most in human beings

Morality constantly evolves with new truths

Mountain peak and sun

Movement, heat and light

Music is not made to be understood but to be felt

Music of the spheres, the

Mystery of the holy trinity, the

Mystic experiences