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Hands, our – on which the creator has inscribed the mysteries of life

Happiness and misfortune – humans create their own conditions

Happiness concerns the whole of our being

Happiness, the condition for

Happy or unhappy events

Hardships do not prevent us from finding inner peace

Harmony and balance, inner

Harmony of the spheres

Harmony, universal

Heart and intellect

Heart, intellect and will

Heavenly entities are drawn by harmony

Heavenly father and the divine mother, the

Heavenly homeland, our

Heavenly workers

Helping the whole of humanity

Higher or lower nature

Highest moral law

Holy grail, the

Holy spirit (the) or the heavenly fire

Hope and patience

Hope, faith and love

Hope, faith, love correspond to form, content and meaning

Human beings are destined to return to their heavenly father after many incarnations

Human beings are placed between matter and the spirit

Human beings are predestined to return to the bosom of the eternal

Human beings need to be roused, stimulated and shaken up

Human beings’ emanations

Human morality and the laws of cosmic intelligence

Human's heart and intellect

Humanity still needs to suffer in order to understand

Humiliate a human being, to

Humiliating a human being

Humility before the lord

Hygiene (physical and psychic)