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Sabre and arm

Sacrifice –disinterested love for all human beings

Sagittarius symbolizes the triumph of reason over the forces of instinct

Salt, sulphur and mercury

See clearly– and act accordingly

See everything as if for the first time

Seed or the pit – no part of the fruit is more important

Seeing on the spiritual plane

Sensitivity is proportional to evolution

Shirt, the happy man’s

Shut out hurtful words, to

Sight to touch, from

Silence (inner)

Silence is a quality of the inner life

Silence of nature

Simplicity of a diamond

Sing to awaken people’s higher nature

Smiling to yourself

Snake shedding its skin

Social climbing

Social inequalities

Solar nature, the

Source of love, the

Spirit (the human)

Spiritual commitment

Spiritual guide– receiving heaven’s permission to teach

Spiritual knowledge

Spiritual life - an ascent that must be pursued to the end

Spiritual life, the –the harder the task, the more glorious the success

Spiritual life– keeping ourselves free for work of a heavenly nature

Spiritual love

Spiritual love creates the right conditions for inspiration

Spiritual masters

Spiritual masters– they help us with our inner life

Spiritual maturity

Spiritual royalty

Spiritual teaching, following a

Spiritual transformation happens in the blink of an eye following centuries of effort

Spiritual water

Spiritual wealth attracts blessings

Spiritual work with abnegation for the collectivity

Spiritualist or materialist?

Spoken word, the magical

Stale air to clean air

Staying connected to the lord

Straight line and the curve, the

Strength of spirit, the

Subconscious to superconsciousness

Sublimation of matter, the

Sublimation of sexual force

Subtle sensations, the


Sun and moon, the

Sun and ourselves, between the

Sun, the – making it penetrate our heart and soul

Sunrise to sunset

Sympathy and antipathy

System (a good philosophical)